Portable Concrete Mixer Solves Batching Challenges.

• Do you have a
Remote Construction Site?

• Are you pouring in
Tight Spaces?

• Need concrete at the
Impossible location?

• Paying high
Short Load Fees?

• Concrete expenses causing
Lost Bids?

The CUBE Solves Challenges.

Producing ready-mix from your own portable concrete mixer and batching system will relieve so many headaches on your next project. The CUBE is a proven solution at a variety of jobsites. At a full 1 ½ yard capacity, the CUBE is much larger than other portable mixers, yet is compact enough to throw on a flat bed or small trailer go to a mountain top or into a back yard.

The C.U.B.E. is proof that several concrete batching solutions can be put into one box. The C.U.B.E., short for Cart-Away Universal Batching Equipment, allows users the flexibility to control most aspects of job-site ready-mix production.

Operators can control their batch size, mix design, labor costs and overall ready-mix expenses on every project. On-site batching eliminates short-load fees, reduces labor costs waiting on ready-mix trucks and gives the profits from ready-mix to the C.U.B.E. owner.

Watch the CUBE in ACTION!

The CUBE is simple to operate.

The C.U.B.E. comes standard with a 36" by 120" sand and gravel conveyor that can be top-loaded by a skid steer. The C.U.B.E. can produce 6 to 8 yards of concrete per hour in a specific mix design. The loading, mixing and dispensing of the concrete materials are all completed inside of the box, reducing the amount of equipment needed at the job-site.

The mixing process is simplified due to the on-board material loading conveyor. Just load the top-mounted conveyor with the sand and gravel and it will flow into the drum for mixing. The C.U.B.E. includes a hydraulic actuated bag breaker for loading in the powdered cement into the drum.

Water is added directly into the drum from plumbing that hooks to a standard garden hose. The drum spins in both directions for mixing or discharging and the tilting frame allows for dumping the wet concrete into a loader bucket or wheel barrow for distribution.

Let us help you with concrete batching challenges

Needed CUBEs for a desert golf path. Ideal tool!”

“That thing is awesome! It worked out perfectly!”

We needed 2 CUBEs for a desert golf path. Ideal tool!”
Golf course contractor

Difficult Tower Sites

“That thing is awesome! It worked out perfectly!”
Tower Project Manager

• 1 ½ yard Capacity
• Top loading Conveyor
• Hydraulic functions
• Gas/Diesel or Electric
• Digital Water Meter
• Cement bag-breaker
• Built for rugged duty
• Fork and crane pockets
• Tilts to dispense
• Easy to clean
• All in one “Box”
• Low maintenance

Purchase or Rent to Own

"The CUBE really surprised us on how it just kept cranking out the concrete. We poured 48 yards in a day and a half"
California Utility Contractor

The Portable Batching Solution of Concrete Mixers!

Call: 888-648-5464

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